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Welcome to the World of Wikis :)

Here are some tips, tricks and tutorials to help out. Check the Todo list for potential tasks

Creating Pages

Character pages

The standard for character pages is Firstname Lastname. You can use the character template as a starting point character template - last updated Feb. 19, 2016

Example Scarlett Pickett

Example Roza

If the character is an NPC - in the infobox category Created by - place NPC - if someone picks up the character at a later date, that can be revised.

Mission pages

You can use the mission template as a starting point mission template - last updated Feb. 23, 2016

Navigating around the wiki

There are two types of Pages for a Storium Game. There are Game Details Pages, which contain the basic structure and writing notes for the game. Then there are Story Pages, which contain the story plots and information.

Example - DAO Fire Team Mission: Redcaps is the Game Details page for the Redcaps Fire Team Mission and Redcaps is the Story Page for the Redcaps Fire Team Mission.

Tips and Tutorials

Great basic Mediawiki formatting -