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The DAO has many places around the world where it keeps the assorted mystical, magical, power objects it collects and recovers. These secure storage areas are generally referred to as Vaults by the DAO organization. Much is unknown or shrouded in mystery regarding Vault 13, but it is very useful in containing powerful and special objects. DAO Vault 13 is different from the other DAO Vaults as it is part of a network of 13 ancient vaults located around the world. The origin of these special vaults and their original purpose is shrouded in myth, rumor and legend. It is known that these Vaults are able to contain mystical energy and provide a safe place to store multiple items that in other places would become volatile as the effectiveness of an object placed in a Vault is dampened. Various organizations and individuals have looked after and used the 13 Vaults through time. The Vaults are linked and there must always be 13 Vaults. If a Vault is destroyed, another must be created and connected to the other Vaults through a ritual that has been passed down through the ages by the Vault Scholars, a group that has been following and studying the Vaults for hundreds of years. At this time the Vaults are controlled by different groups who form a Vault Consortium. How the DAO acquired responsibility for Vault 13 and became part of the Consortium is classified. Vault 13 was recently destroyed. The DAO has been working to reestablish the Vault. If a Vault is not reestablished with in the time and guidelines, the entire Vault network will begin to breakdown leading to a potentially apocalyptic catastrophe.

There were some "shortcuts" in the rebuilding of the Vault. This is a letter sent to Tarun Phukan the first director of the renewed Vault 13.

Found this letter, thought it might be of interest to you, seems someone, besides me, is watching y’all. - a friend

Dear Senator,

Vault 13 is coming back online. We had to fast track construction due to the Vault Network decay time limit and may have cut a few corners with construction and system installations. We reconditioned an old underground ossuary system discovered as an offshoot of the northern portion of the Tibbetts Brook tunnel system. We converted many of the old chambers and added a high tech wing constructed from the biometal Dr. Pinkicerebro and his partners created. The new Vault team is arriving tomorrow and will complete the Connection Ritual with the Vault’s positive acceptance (hopefully) of the new Vault team and the successful retrieval of the first new object set. We realize that when you took over all committee and project activity for the deceased Senator O’Reilly you might appreciate a brief history of the Vault and related programs and thus we have included some background materials for your casual reading. We have not been able to find the info leak you referenced or verify the possibility that there will be troublewith the Connection Ritual. But rest assured, the Connection Ritual will be finalized, within the required time frame, with no outside interference. What could possibly go wrong?


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