Timing of Storium Games

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C = chapter eg Chapter 1 = C1 Sc = Scene eg Scene 1 = Sc1

A generalized timeline. Oldest events and time on the top (newest events at bottom of list). Concurrent events listed in same row.

Project Mogul S1 C1 Sc1 - 1949 Project_Mogul:_The_Brazel_Ranch_Occurrence
TAC Crusade S1 C1 Sc1 - July 1950 TAC: Crusade
DAO S1 C1 Sc1 (sometime in the 2010s) The Ebola outbreak in Guinea
DAO S1 C1 Sc2 - Breaking into fire teams
DAO Fire Team 1 C1 Sc1 - Sc4 Seattle Crypids DAO Fire Team 2 (all chapters/scenes)
DAO S1 C1 Sc3 - back at base and introduction of Sword of Shadows Recovery Mission
DAO S1 C1 Sc4-Sc5 - Delivery of The Rod of Rasputin DAO Fire Team 1 C1 Sc5 - Sc9 Sword of Shadows mission
DAO S1 C2 Sc1-Sc3 - back at base and Vault break-in
DAO S1 C3 Sc1-Sc2 - global warming summit in Geneva, Richard Rodriquez computer hack
and meeting with Universal Brotherhood
DAO S1 C3 Sc3 - Investigating Alumbrados leads
DAO S1 C3 Sc4 - Bombing of the Catskills DAO base
DAO S1 C4 Sc1-4 - Ambush and fight with Octavius Stanley in the Bronx
DAO S2 C1 Sc1 Begins six months after DAO S1 - the Pyro and Brick mission uncertain of exact timing but Monroe Academy C1 Sc1 starts sometime after this point
DAO S2 C1 Sc2 Mixer at the NYC DAO Tower
DAO S2 C2 Sc1 Break into Redcaps and Cultist missions
DAO Fire Team Mission: Redcaps DAO Fire Team Mission: Cultists
DAO S2 C2 Sc2 Briefing after fire team missions memorial for fallen agent
DAO S2 C3 Sc1 A day on the base
DAO S2 C3 Sc2 Cleanup in the Bronx / Stinky Dan DAO Fire Team Mission: Vampires
DAO S2 C3 Sc3-Sc4 New Agent Meet and Greet and People First! Confrontation DAO Fire Team Mission: Vampires DAO Academy Manu Forte Squad C1 Sc1 -Sc3
DAO S2 C4 Sc1 A day on the base DAO Academy Manu Forte Squad C2Sc1-Sc3
DAO S2 C4 Sc2-3 Bronx Planning, ENIGMA/Tracking the Wizard DAO Fire Team Mission: Rescue from Orissa
DAO S2 C4 Sc6 After facing the Jinn DAO Fire Team Mission: Rescue from Orissa C1 Sc7 - end of Mission DAO Vault 13
DAO S2 C4 Sc7 end of season 2 End of Year for Monroe Academy C3 Sc2 DAO Vault 13
DAO Contraflow - takes place during summertime right after end of DAO Season 2 and Monroe Academy