The Filiki Eteria Corporation

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A Tech conglomerate run by a brother and sister who are sometimes called the Dynamic Duo in tech and academic circles as they are genius level in what they do. Alexandros Karatasos and Aite Karatasos. They focus on many technologies but especially cybernetics and hologram communication. Their family is tied to the Filiki Eteria secret society and to Archimedes' Screw. They have labs and offices around the world. Their family came from Greece.

They have connections in many governments. Senator Michael O’Reilly was one. Many of their projects were funding through his committee. They also funded many of the projects he pushed through. They often are bored and do much of what they do for fun as they have a perverse sense in drawing pleasure from the pain of others.

Mentions - “Using a suggestion from Lea about connecting the community, some thing they are doing at her school, I went looking for potentials who might want to partner. It seems the Bronx has drawn the attention of a number of tech oriented firms the last few years. I think it is trying to become the lowkey East Coast Silicon Valley. But, using my RedFence Tech and Securities connections and that I went to school with Aite, I have secured the sponsorship of the Filiki Eteria Corporation run by the Dynamic Duo brother-sister team of Alexandros Karatasos and Aite Karatasos.” She put a brochure on the table with info about the business including info on their Bronx location. “They are willing to have a set of tables and cool tech displays in the festival part and then for the concert, they’re willing to bring Matsune Hiku, which is beyond awesome.” Scarlett said, wriggling in excitement.

“Matsune Hiku?”

“Oh yeah, a big hologram pop star over in Japan. It’s a pretty big deal in Japan and some other places, basically they are holographic projections who perform. So hologram concerts. Since Filiki Eteria has a huge R&D department in holographic, virtual reality and offshoots, they thought it would make sense to bring them in. Filiki Eteria is doing some very rad stuff, I’m going to work with them to upgrade some of our conference rooms so we have holographic projection and planning. I also will have the IT department set up some hologram tech in that new Bronx office. Gonna update Fitch-J too.” The little saucer robot’s motors whirred and it moved forward having heard its name. “Don’t need you for anything right now Fitch-J,” she said and gave a wave to her little helper robot. “But I have the card here of their liaison, Cassie Coronus, if someone wants to contact her and work with her they can.”