The Ebola outbreak in Guinea

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Department of Abnormal Occurrences (DAO) One chapter, 1 scenes - [Chapter 1 Scene 1| First Scene]

Mentions/follow ups in DAO Season 1 Chapter 1 scene 2

Agents Involved

Eliot Bryant, Amy Healy, Darren Hemingway-Rutledge, David (Red Claw) Ironhorse, Thomas Jackson, Ryan King, Khurana, Bianca, Circe Lamia, Sage Lattimer, Mervin Pumpkinhead, Nova, Scarlett Pickett, Dean Westerholm


Other Characters Involved

  • Lea Diallo
  • Gregory Hartl - World Health Organization spokesman
  • Bdoulaye Condé - military liaison
  • Sékouba Konaté - the peoples representative.
  • Ghalia N’kechi
  • Mr. Ross - a BBC news correspondent


The team is sent to stop an outbreak of zombies under the cover of an Ebola Outbreak. Coordinating with the WHO and local representatives, they stop the zombies. They also save a were leopard - Lea Diallo

DAO Bulletin

Initial Memo

To: All DAO Field Operatives

Subject: The ‘Ebola’ outbreak in Guinea

As you may have heard the ‘Ebola’ outbreak in West Africa has gotten worst. For the moment local government are managing the situation. Except for Guinea. The situation has escalated beyond their control. They have asked for the help of the UN and DAO. That is where we come in. The DAO is tasked with helping maintain the quarantine, assist with putting down the walkers, and most importantly Maintain the Cover. This is a level 7 AO (Abnormal Occurrence). All available field operatives will be deployed. The plane leaves at 1300.

Tech and Mystical Elements


Chapter 1 Scene 1

chapter 1 scene 1 starter

Tie in to larger ARC and other plots

They save a were leopard, [Lea Diallo]

Unsolved Mysteries and Notes