Tarun Phukan

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  • Knows of Constellation and Ezenia's brother - “Ms. Covington, so glad you could be here tonight.” Turning to his companions, he made introductions. “These are some of my coworkers from the home agency. This is Ezenia Covington, of Constellation, I believe you’ve worked with her brother?”
  • Victor's encounter - Tarun seemed like a nice guy, especially for being his boss. But Victor had a feeling that Tarun was holding out on him. He was leaving some details out about what he knew about Victor’s past and the current assignment. Tarun reached down to fix Victor’s tie and said, “How are you, Victor? Did you review the files on your team? Teamwork is critical and it helps to know your team.”
  • “So wait,” she cut in. “you’ve gone all String Theory of Light on me here. Assuming I believe you, and you aren’t having me on. Is magic a property, a force, a string, a wave type or well, what?” “Well, my dear. In less than two minutes, you’ve come to the crux of the question. I’m hoping that working with your team, especially the mages and sorcerers will allow me to solidify my theory.”
  • “You see what it would mean, do you not?” continued The Brain, “If we can isolate magic, then we can use computers to detect the presence of magic more quickly and potentially mount a magical response without risking human mages.”
  • He smokes - “Are you ladies settling in OK?” he asked drawing a long dark cigarette out of a pack and lighting it. The smell of cloves reached them
  • Has an assistant - could be HANNa
  • Uses notebooks to take notes

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