Tactical Soldiers Unit (TSU)

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TSU Narrative with General Dante Fortisse

This UN and DAO special project is officially titled ‘Tactical Soldiers Unit (TSU)’, but its project code name is 'The Elliot Project'. Sometimes when talking about TSU soldiers or the project people will often use T.S. Elliot and variations. The TSU was created by General Dante Fortisse to fuse genetics, the most advanced weapon technology, and magic together into one soldier. He founded the TSU partially out of specism and fear. He feared that with the growing numbers of cryptids and metas that were filling DAO's ranks that they would be hard to control, especially since we do not understand them quite yet. These non-human creatures have their own loyalties, cultures, and other issues that the DAO will need to contend with, and the TSU is part of this answer to attempt to bring humans back into dominance and control of humanity's future, if there is to be one.

There are 3 basic facets of a TSU soldier:

1. Genetic Engineering - Each TSU soldier is injected with the various fluids that prep the body for genetic alteration and a tremendous amount of high quality energy sources for the body to sustain and create the genetic editing, and then they are injected with the most advanced nanites that engage in editing the soldier's genes to get rid of anything bad and to push the body into peak physical and mental condition.

2. Training - Training is both physical and mental. They have to learn about the wide variety of non-human threats and their histories and how to combat or deal with them. There is also a tremendous amount of physical training to so that they can work their bodies into peak physical form. When done most TSU soldiers could only be challenged by veterans in their prospective fields.

3. Exoskeleton - all soldiers will train with the powered exoskeleton, although not everyone will have a chance to use one in the field since making them is resource intensive. The Current model of TSU exoskeleton is the Sintar Tactical Armor which is a tremendous mixture of neural interface driven technology and magic.

Known Members

Garret Rogers, LT.

McCoy, Darren, (Lt.)