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The Abnormal Occurrence Threat Assessment and Containment (AO-TAC or TAC) is a sister organization to DAO dedicated to the more military side of dealing with strange situations. TAC and the AO TSU solders who are all part of TAC focus on containing the dangers associated with metas (non-baselines), mystical-aligned, magic users, aliens, and more when the individual makes the wrong decision or becomes a threat to peace or prior to the event, secrecy.

The main foci of TAC are: training the AO TSU and the regular military for preparedness for emergencies related to these non-baseline types, Study of DAO findings as related to countering the advantages of non baselines and items of military significance, and Containment. TAC is in charge of the blackest of black sites. A prison designed to contain the most dangerous of the Cryptid, Meta, Alien and Mystical threats