Sword of Shadows Recovery Mission

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Game Detail Wiki page

DAO fire team 1 - One chapter, 4 scenes - First Scene

First mentioned in DAO Season 1 Chapter 1 scene 3

Mentions/follow ups in DAO Season 1 Chapter 1 scene 4, DAO Season 1 Chapter 2 scene 1, DAO Season 1 Chapter 3 scene 1, DAO Season 1 Chapter 4 scene 1

Agents Involved

Eliot Bryant, Circe Lamia, James (Wolfboy) McDire, Nova, Scarlett Pickett


Other Characters Involved

Professor Miller



The Sword of Shadows was held in the Smithsonian Institute for 75 years. It was stolen and a team was sent to discover why it was stolen and by whom. They meet Professor Miller who is the director of antiquities. The find Beata Security installed poor security measures on the Sword display. Beata Security is a shell company for Alumbrados. They visit the Beata Security DC office and find out that Professor Miller set them up. They are recalled to the main DAO base without recovering the Sword or apprehending Professor Miller.

DAO Briefing

From Agent LaGrey

“This is the sword of shadows. For the last 75 years the sword has been held in the Smithsonian Institution. That is until last night.”
“The sword is a very powerful artifact. It’s power is not fully documented, but it is known to have power over shadows. It allows its wielder to move from shadow to shadow in the blink of an eye. It must be recovered. In front of you is a file that contains all the information we have on the sword and the theft last night.”


Tech and Mystical Elements

  • Sword of Shadows - has power over shadows. It allows its wielder to move from shadow to shadow in the blink of an eye. It gives off an aura that absorbs Kirlian auras
  • Scarlett uses a camera that takes images in the UV range, is able to track down a shell company from an address, has a program that can search local wifi signals for handheld radios and transmit over those ranges to the devices and has a program that scans for certain energy signals associated with mystical objects.


Chapter 1 Scene 1

chapter 1 scene 1 starter

  • note - this is actually chapter 1 scene 5 in the DAO Season 1 storium game

The team is researching and going over the camera footage from the crime scene.

Scarlett finds reference to how the Sword arrived at the museum - "“Then there are these interesting little forum entries, supposedly made by some smithsonian curator who was doing some inventory review and had to relog the sword and the materials using the journals and initial stuff the first curators who brought it into the museum logged. I tracked the journals down through an old treasure hunter BBS. Seemed the original curators just “happened” upon this sword in a set of other items from some dig.” She made quote marks in the air.

“There is quite a little bit in these old logs,” she said, reading over the screen. “Oh, it seems the curators had some little love triangle going on as they worked with the items and the sword and it got a little messy, how cute, mean girls for nerds,”

Chapter 1 Scene 2

chapter 1 scene 2 starter

  • note - this is actually chapter 1 scene 6 in the DAO Season 1 storium game

The team goes to the crime scene and investigates. They meet Professor Miller, director of antiquities. They find the thief is able to absorb energy, thus appearing only as a black shadow on the surveillance camera feeds. Professor Miller admits he had new contractors in to redo the security. He states he is being blackmailed by someone named Mr. Smith who works with the contractors. He gives the team the contractors' business card. Scarlett finds out the number on the card belongs to a shell company (they have an empty office in a Texas location). The contractor (Beata Security) is a shell company for Alumbrados.

Chapter 1 Scene 3

chapter 1 scene 3 starter

  • note - this is actually chapter 1 scene 7 in the DAO Season 1 storium game

The team heads to the Beata Security’s primary office. Located in a five story block wide building in downtown D.C. There is a security team waiting and tries to keep the DAO agents out of the building. Scarlett uses a couple of programs to find the frequency of the guard's radios and uses a voice synthesizer program to transmit a fake recall message. The team moves inside the building.

Chapter 1 Scene 4

chapter 1 scene 4 starter

  • note - this is actually chapter 1 scene 8 in the DAO Season 1 storium game

A woman stops them, “What are you doing here? We have been informed that you are the ones who rob the Smithsonian. The police have been called.” It turns out Professor Miller called Beata and gave a description matching the team and they were the ones who robbed the Smithsonian. The team is recalled and LaGrey sends out a directive to pick up Professor Miller

Tie in to larger ARC and other plots

The Sword was stolen as part of a larger plot by Alumbrados. Was used to help a thief break into the DAO Catskills Base Vault to steal mystical objects. Octavius Stanley was able to use it to cleave a portal in the air to the realm of LaGrey’s fairies.

Unsolved Mysteries and Notes

  • It is never stated who stole the sword and broke into the DAO Vault
  • It is assumed the DAO recovered the sword and has possession of it now
  • Professor Miller is never apprehended
  • What happened with the Beata Security company and who was the woman the team talked to