Sven Kjaer Ratatoskr

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character name
Character Name (full name) - Sven Kjaer Raratoskr
Alternate Names (aliases) - The Red Squirrel
Gender - Male
Birth Date - 10th September 1999
Death Date - ?
Species - Human (with just a hint of mythological squirrel)
First Appearance - Munroe Academy
Created by - ?
Abilities -
Notes - ?

Character Biography

Sven is 16 years old. He is 6 foot 2 tall, making him one of the tallest boys in his year group. He has a shock of red hair.

Sven is descended from a mythological squirrel that inhabited the branches of Yggdrasil, the World Tree. This gives him a supernatural speed and agility. However, one unfortunate remnant of his heritage were his terrible, rodent-like front teeth, making him the butt of many cruel jokes. (Which was a shame, because he's a really nice guy).

Over the winter break of 2015 / 2016, Sven underwent extensive orthodontic work to correct his errant teeth and the effect was... well, it was amazing. He also worked out at the gym a LOT. Sweet, geeky, excessively-dentured Sven was transformed into a Scandinavian sex-god. His ex-girlfriend Minnie Usher quickly un-broke up with him and the two become one of Monroe's Hot Couples.

Sven was cast as Ferdinand in the school production of "The Tempest".

Family and Friends

Family: Father - Ulrik Ratatoskr

Mother - Birgitte Ratatoskr

Brothers - Torben (19), Magnus (10)

Girlfriend: Minnie Usher

Education, Career and Other Work

Character Skills/Abilities

Supernatural Speed and Agility, especially climbing and jumping. Spatial awareness and problem solving prowess


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