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Character Name (full name) - Scarlet Aenon Pickett
Alternate Names (aliases) - redfenceH2O, Turbo (Ironhorse calls her that)
Gender - female
Birth Date - guess
Death Date - never never no way
Species - human
First Appearance - Department of Abnormal Occurrences (DAO) Chapter 1 Scene 1
Created by - Jojo
Abilities - Advanced tech and hacking skills, sees the world as numbers and patterns, able to build and fix things (mix of Q and MacGyver), Project M
Notes -

Character Biography

Who is this character

Family and Friends

Mother -

Father -

Simon Lentlewell - a trusted friend and like a father to Scarlett - was her grandfather's secret lover

Half Sister (unknown to Scarlett)

Half Brother (Unknown to Scarlett)

Aunt - Father's sister

Cousin - her Aunt's son

Aunt (unknown to Scarlett - her real father's sister)

EElena Sánchez Pérez was her teacher at MIT - when she transferred to CalTech, Elena reached out to Scarlett and offered to be her mentor in the area of hacking, surveillance and the darker areas of technology application; they were casual lovers. When Dr. Sentgery talked to Scarlett - Scarlett left Elena and that part of her life, mostly.

Education, Career and Other Work

  • Homeschooled
  • age 16 first degree - BS in Mechanical Engineering - from MIT
  • BS in Computing Engineering age 18 - MIT
  • Masters in Biomedical engineering at 20 - MIT
  • PhD in biomedical engineering at 22 - CalTech
  • PhD in quantum biology at 24 - Georgia Institute of Technology

  • deals in bitcoin
  • Has a company, RedFence Tech and Securities, her parents and Simon helped her set it up for her 21st birthday. It is used mainly for her patents and tech innovations. Her parents set it up to provide a steady income apart from all other Pickett holdings. It is something she can fall back on if the DAO thing does not work out.
  • Is co-CEO of the Pickett Family business with her Aunt (Father's side). Her Aunt runs much of the company and Scarlett is more of a silent partner.
  • Creating a secret database of all things Meta and related - Project M

Connection to the The Filiki Eteria Corporation - “Using a suggestion from Lea about connecting the community, some thing they are doing at her school, I went looking for potentials who might want to partner. It seems the Bronx has drawn the attention of a number of tech oriented firms the last few years. I think it is trying to become the lowkey East Coast Silicon Valley. But, using my RedFence Tech and Securities connections and that I went to school with Aite, I have secured the sponsorship of the Filiki Eteria Corporation run by the Dynamic Duo brother-sister team of Alexandros Karatasos and Aite Karatasos.” She put a brochure on the table with info about the business including info on their Bronx location. “They are willing to have a set of tables and cool tech displays in the festival part and then for the concert, they’re willing to bring Matsune Hiku, which is beyond awesome.” Scarlett said, wriggling in excitement.

“Matsune Hiku?”

“Oh yeah, a big hologram pop star over in Japan. It’s a pretty big deal in Japan and some other places, basically they are holographic projections who perform. So hologram concerts. Since Filiki Eteria has a huge R&D department in holographic, virtual reality and offshoots, they thought it would make sense to bring them in. Filiki Eteria is doing some very rad stuff, I’m going to work with them to upgrade some of our conference rooms so we have holographic projection and planning. I also will have the IT department set up some hologram tech in that new Bronx office. Gonna update Fitch-J too.” The little saucer robot’s motors whirred and it moved forward having heard its name. “Don’t need you for anything right now Fitch-J,” she said and gave a wave to her little helper robot. “But I have the card here of their liaison, Cassie Coronus, if someone wants to contact her and work with her they can.”

Search for Her Parents

  • SENATOR MICHAEL O'REILLY knew about her parents and some of their work “Well, when the government funds something, someone has to push it through. I tend to be that someone. Your project was quite interesting, one of a cohort as I recall.” - Season 1 DAO
  • Stanley knew about her parents - “That’s why Alumbrados had to remove your parents. They failed. You are a failure, their failure.” (Stanley speaking) - Scarlett’s hand shook and she almost dropped her pad. “I…” - “Greedy and egotistical, did them in.” Stanley said Chapter 4, Scene 3 season 1
  • The night she found her parents is captured in this Scarlett Memory - The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia
  • Retrieved files from the Smithsonian servers - ancient documents with symbols that might match some of what she saw in her parents' lab the night they were killed

Scarlett does not yet know that an ancient group called Archimedes' Screw has been using technology to manipulate society for centuries. They have been hidden powerhouses throughout history. They have worked with Alumbrados and many others. They are connected to The Filiki Eteria Corporation and Senator Michael O’Reilly helped push through money to a shadow corporation called Vitruvius which then paid many other projects and companies and is tied to this group. Her parents were seemingly killed by Alumbrados, but they actually were working for those connected to Archimedes' Screw.

Character Skills/Abilities

What can they do

  • Can multitask "She knew the assorted studies out there claimed true multi-tasking was a myth, but she really had a knack for being able to follow multiple thought streams at once, tuning in and out, almost like flipping through radio stations, as she worked." DAO Season 1 Scene 1
  • Knows French, Latin and Japanese well, can read and get by Spanish, Mandarin Chinese and some Hindi.
  • Has an intuitive engineering sense and can build and take apart things. Likes to create and tinker. Likes robots. Usually has some tool on her.
  • Her abilities are, at this point, similar to a technopath as she was part of a genetic project to create enhanced humans using technology. She was part of a cohort looking at quantum level enhancements. Those enhancements may at some point trigger.

Technology Scarlett Uses

  • Knows most mobile phone operating systems and phone tech
  • Knows most tablet/computer operating systems and tablet tech
  • Has programs to scan for networks and cell phone usage in an area
  • Mesh networks - designs and employs them whenever she can, believes in their usefulness at the macro and quantum level (experiments she had started with her parents, then dropped them and has recently begun to pick them back up)
  • Can tap into most webcams and surveillance cameras. The animation industry in the last few years has developed this rad software that can search video for semantic worded searches
  • Uses cameras to take pictures. Has many different kinds. One is set for reflected UV photography.
  • Able to search cell phones and local networks to see last texts and calls
  • In the Sword of Shadows fire team mission - she is able to track down a shell company from an address, has a program that can search local wifi signals for handheld radios and transmit over those ranges to the devices and has a program that scans for certain energy signals associated with mystical objects.


Scarlett Memories

A collection of short scenes (memories) they are listed in chronological order


  • collects postcards - “I like to collect postcards, this little shop had some.I brought one back for you.” DAO Season 1 Scene 3
  • Likes to try foods
  • "“At least I managed to retrieve the files I wanted from the Smithsonian servers, so not a total brain-drain trip. Another step, another little step mom and dad.”" DAO Season 1 Chapter 2 scene 1
  • Was building a Lego model from a scavenger hunt of pieces that ended up being choreographed by Evil Stanley
  • Hates eyes and spiders and snakes and hospitals (there are reasons for this related to what she is)
  • deals with bitcoin
  • gives people nicknames such as
    • Mr. Poopyfake Pants
    • LaGrey = Ms. Always Watching Me
    • Weaselman for Richard Rodriquez
    • Ms. Expert Big Brain - Dr. Victoria Ryan
  • considers RICHARD RODRIQUEZ as a bit of a nemesis
  • ‘peek-a-boo I see you try skiptomylou42’ the phrase the files coded to to lead Scarlett to the Senator :ou was the Senator's dog's name
  • SENATOR MICHAEL O'REILLY knew about her parents and some of their work “Well, when the government funds something, someone has to push it through. I tend to be that someone. Your project was quite interesting, one of a cohort as I recall.”
  • plays video games like Bioshock, resident evil
  • took down drones by spoofing their GPS navigation system
  • very good with robots
  • Can pick a number of locks, has been practicing since being able to see a video and managed a lock becuase she thought of it as a puzzle
  • Has a flashback to her preparing for her DAO interview, Simon is mentioned for the first time Chapter 4, Scene 2 season 1
  • Worked with a group of hackers to crack the Kruler server right before her interview for DAO - Chapter 4, Scene 2 season 1
  • begins to work to connect tech and magic - Somehow tech waves were linked to the coronet and tech signals could be distorted; a weird application of Clarke’s Third Law. Chapter 4, Scene 3 season 1
  • Uses dart gun to place wifi routers to create mesh networks and signal boosters - Chapter 4, Scene 3 season 1
  • Has scars on her arms, and face from glass cuts from Stanley fight.
  • Developed voice to text programs after the Stanley Event - Chapter 4, Scene 4 season 1
  • Her left leg has no feeling from about the hip down as nerves crushed when wall fell on her. “Only 6 months to two years of this Scarlett. if the procedure works.” they said. “You will be back to normal in no time.” they said. Chapter 4, Scene 4 season 1
  • At end of season 1 went to Chile for winter fun with Mystic, Lea, and Val - it was called Operation Red Stare
  • Simon Description - Simon met them at the door with a box of matchsticks and a bottle of Chianti that made Val raise his eyebrows. - “How did he know?” Lea asked. - “Eavesdropping. Where do you think I learned how to use listening devices.” Scarlett answered. He winked at her (lea) then fixed his red tie and pointed to his left eye. - Chapter 4, Scene 4 season 1
  • likes radio serials like Lovecraft’s “At the Mountains of Madness
  • searches Usenet group archives and old bulletin boards
  • can tap into most webcams and surveillance cameras. Can also easily match images found, "The animation industry in the last few years has developed this rad software that can search video for semantic worded searches."
  • Searched cell phone data in Rubenow Germany

finished season 1 and and fire team 1 through chapter 1 scene 6

Writer Notes

Notes to help writers with this character

Current Storium Biography

It started during the Civil War and a little fiasco known as Pickett’s Charge. From that point on Scarlett’s ancestors had a lot of humble pie to eat and somehow, their family was never allowed to forget that failure. A failure that pushed every Pickett to always try and be the best. This came to a head with Scarlett’s parents, both leading voices in their fields. Scarlett started at an early age, somehow able to look at machines and just, “make them work”, always frustrating her teachers and those around her as she was taking things apart, and putting them back together, “the right way”. Her parents encouraged this ability, always brushing off comments others made about Scarlett’s ability. Luckily no one ever made the connection between the trips her parents made to New Orleans and Scarlett’s “golden touch” with technology and machines.

She easily made her way through MIT and Caltech to collect a few pieces of paper (degrees, how pesky you needed those) before she settled into working for her parents, enjoying the projects brought to her, always looking to take things apart, put them back together “the right way”, just hacking her way through her sheltered life. It all seemed good and well, until one night, when she headed into her parents’ lab and found them dead, murdered. Obsessed with finding the killer(s), her hunt lead her into the deep webs and she began to find the world was put together in a way very different from what she had been told. Something from this “new world” had killed her parents. As she began to tear that world apart to find her parents’ killers, the DAO knocked on her door one day, realizing she might expose things that shouldn’t be exposed. They gave her obsession an outlet, a way to use her skills to continue to pry apart this other world, a way to heal the hurt she felt inside, but also to help make a difference.

Her first year and a half at the DAO did not go quite as expected. She found more questions than answers about herself and about other projects. Add in an event that changed her entire life (thank you big heavy wall and Pickett curse), and, well, Scarlett was now busy relearning how to do many things as well as doubling-down on her determination to find out what happened to her parents and to discover who she is.