Samson GEO Technology

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William Blightman, CEO of Samson GEO Technology. Sometimes just called Geo Technology

“It isn’t just a ‘shipping business’. My company has many branches, import and export being one of them. We specialize in transporting sensitive or fragile materials. Most items from medical to antiquities.”

“O’Reilly - or his cronies - sit on a lot of legislative different committees. They’ve been funneling public money into Geo Technology for over two decades on a huge range of different projects.“ She quickly sped through some of the detail of the various accounts that Geo Tech had been running; there were several programmes, all with a mystical bent and nothing with an annual budget of under $400 million. Reading further down, one project leapt out at her - the one run by Blightman. Lycanthropy.

“Geo Technology was founded and continues to be run by the Brotherhood of Alumbrados. The mystics are obsessed by duality - light and dark, the spiritual and the physical, the ego and the id. They’ve been experimenting on animals and humans attempting to bring the two together. Everything from pet dogs to human babies have been part of their trials. And one of the first babies they ran trials on was a boy with the surname McDire…“ DAO season 1 chapter 3 scene 3

Brother Shamus with his needles and spells.