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A database that contains information on Metas and related information. Started by Scarlett Pickett.

from DAO Season 2 Chapter 1 Scene 1 - "One of the many projects Scarlett had thrown herself into since the Poo-of-a-man Stanley Incident, was to begin 
really building the DAO Meta Database, something she had pointed out was not well populated before things changed, and now, with metas and activity, 
as Scarlett  liked  to say, “Popping up like pimples on teen foreheads”, she had begun to create entries and collect information to create a good 
information source. Scarlett believed information was goddess and strived to pay tithe to said goddess as often as possible. 
In addition to filming the event, she’d connected to the local cell phone tower points and was sifting through all the transmissions making note of accounts so she could send out her script bots later to sniff out any pictures, videos or other social media mentions of the event people might share so that information could be added to the Project M database as well."

Project M is not fully accessible by the DAO. Scarlett upgraded what the DAO has, but keeps her own personal, more detailed records.

from DAO Season 2 Chapter 4 Scene 2 - "“If I add a few layers,” she explained, continually typing and manipulating things on her computer as she spoke, 
“you can get an idea of where certain things exist. For instance, using the DAO official database, here are the locations of assorted Metas, cryptids, 
and so on.” The map was populated with a number of green, grey, yellow and purple dots.
“Now if I add in my personal data base of potentials, which, before anyone asks, I’ve been working on a few computer projects for a few years, when I came to DAO, I altered one to search out references and identify potential Metas and so on. I’ll be good and not go geek speak, although if anyone wishes to know more, we could go for drinks and fun later,” she tapped a few more keys and a bunch of red dots were added to the screen. “That’s a lotta dots in that area.”