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Character Biography

Octavius Stanley had been a tenured Professor at Yale School of Divinity for years. He’d made his name with some radical research papers in the field of Christian Mysticism. He had only been retired from his academic career for a couple of months and had been looking forward to writing a few papers for obscure divinity journals, tending the roses in his garden and taking up bee keeping, before he received an urgent summons to the White House.

The President requested he take up a position as Under-Secretary in the Department of Homeland Affairs. This position gives him a sub-cabinet level Government post, positions on CIA and FBI security committees and - much to his great chagrin - direct responsibility for the DOA.

At least, that's what Stanley wanted everyone to think.

His academic career was true enough - he'd build up quite the academic reputation with a particularly expert knowledge of Christian Mysticism. He has a wide-ranging knowledge of the mystical elements that have become entwined with established religions both ancient & modern, and he is pretty well informed about the occult too.

Given his extensive history of despicable acts through the organisation, t is likely that Stanley's involvement with the occult terrorist group known as Alumbrados started many years before his appointment to the United States Government. (There has been some speculation that his engagement came through active Alumbrados agents even higher in the Executive office.)

Whilst in position as Under-Secretary of Homeland Affairs, Stanley visited the DAO base in the Catskills, assisting in the Rod of Rasputin incident, when he provided the Recursion Patten that allowed the soul of Rasputin transport to Heaven in preference to his continued habitation of the Manticore body of Bianca Khurana. Stanley was ordered to remain at the DAO where his pompous and pernickety personality made him few friends. He personally led a DAO mission to the UN's headquarters in Geneva, when he surprised the accompanying agents by apparently assaulting a US Senator and overtly fabricating a non-existent UN/US arrest & extradition warrant to allow the DAO to transport the Alumbrados agents back to the Catskills.

He attempted to implicate Agent LaGray as a mole, before causing an explosion in the North wing of the Catskill base that freed the captured Pishacha dæmon "Blightman". With several Agents captured, Stanley revealed his true intention - that they wished to create a single world order by resurrecting an Elder God, fueled - in part - by the powers of the mystical artefacts and mythological beings gathered under the auspices of the DAO. Stanley himself would be the consciousness and organising principle of the recreated deity. When the plan went wrong, Stanley attempted to escape and blow up the Alumbrados base in the Bronx. However, his unfortunate habit of pontificating led to his eventual capture. During one such sermon, he accidentally revealed that he is the uncle to DAO Agent James McDire, and was responsible for the torture that affected his bestial form, and that he had ordered the assassination of Scarlett Pickett's parents. Safely in custody, Stanley has entertained himself reading complex and esoteric Divinity texts and listening to classical music.

What has motivated Stanley's brutal manipulations is the fear of invasion. Stanley is convinced that there is an imminent threat to the planet from Aliens wielding arcane and dark magicks. The DAO is unaware of such a threat - whether Stanley's fears are correct remains to be seen.

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