Mystical objects held by DAO

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Throughout the history of the DAO, captured and confiscated items of mystical significance and alien origin have been retained in the Department's safekeeping.

In fact, "safekeeping" may be something of an exaggeration, as - especially in the early days of the Agency - the storage of these immensely powerful artefacts was somewhat lax.

The preservation, researching and archiving of these items forms a significant part of the office work of Agent Bianca Khurana.

Objects, Provenance & Powers of the objects in the DAO Vault

The Rod of Rasputin: the wizened, compressed physical remains of Rasputin held his eternal crazed spirit since the moment of his apparent death. The Rod was passed anonymously to the DAO for safekeeping, but proved to be a most powerful & dangerous mystical object. When the mystical containment field that held the Rod was accidentally broken, the spirit of the Mad Monk possessed Bianca Khurana. Eventually Bianca was freed when the disembodied spirit left her body and was trapped within the fractal filigree of the Recursion Paten.

“Urgent delivery from the shipping port of Nome, Alaska. It’s been sitting on the dockside there for a week and two men have been driven to suicide by unloading it from a Siberian ship. They threw themselves into the dock and drowned.” - DAO Season 1 Chapter 1, Scene 3

The Recursion Paten: One of the vessels used by Christ at the Last Supper. The gilt design on the salver is a mathematical construct - a geometric representation of a recursively defined set said to symbolise the tripartite nature of the JudeoChristian deity and - in the layers of it’s infinite recursions - has been thought to be able to transubstantiate the bearer to the Holy Trinity. What that means is that it is a mathematical portal to the gates of Heaven. When then-Under-Secretary Octavius Stanley discovered it, the paten was being used by janitor Merv Pumpkinhead as an ashtray. The Paten was used to lure Rasputin's spirit out of Bianca Khurana. The experience granted her a glimpse of Heaven itself... and she discovered an unexpectedly sinister side to Elysium.

Vruul Spermatophore Gun

Nazi Temporal Displacement device

The Sword of Shadows

Mentioned in DAO Season 1 Chapter 1, Scene 3 - For 75 years the sword was held in the Smithsonian Institution. “The sword is a very powerful artifact. It’s power is not fully documented, but it is known to have power over shadows. It allows its wielder to move from shadow to shadow in the blink of an eye."

The Coronet

Mentioned in DAO Season 1 Chapter 2, Scene 2 Stored in the Vault by Merv. The Mirikan were forced off world, but they left behind one artefact. The metal coronet looked like a simple white-metal headband, but there was some very intricate axonal circuitry buried in the circlet that took years of research to try to evaluate. It turns out that it’s a technological solution to magical attack; it dampens down hexes and incantations and protects the wearer from the occult arts. That could be useful if a mystic war is brewing.”

The Tool of Osiris

The Lance of Longinus

Entropium Skull

Time Portal

Other Objects

  • Kirlian photograph - It will show us your aura which we then compare to the control version that was taken during orientation. If you have been possesed, then the possor’s aura will be intertwined with yours and we will see it in the comparison.” - DAO Season 1 Chapter 1, Scene 3
  • Pain Slabs - "Try not to struggle too much, my dear. Those slabs have been very carefully crafted from a Thule design. The more any of you struggles, a bolt of pain is psychically transmitted to each of the others - logarithmically excruciating. I’m told there’s a very high risk of a positive pain feedback loop developing. " DAO Season 1 Chapter 4, Scene 1