Monroe Academy

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Host: Justin Hall Narrator - rotating


Academy Locations

  • Magic Declination field - a place just beyond the lacrosse field where the magicians can come to practice some magic in private. It was set up years ago - it’s like a secret amoungst the mystical kids. The teachers don’t seem to bother to come down there too often.
  • Monroe Gymnasium - it can accommodate all students at once, all at once—largely due to some very creative spell craft on the part of Matilda Honey

Other Organizations

Rival School


NPC = not played by anyone



NPC = not played by anyone

  • Matilda, Honey - NPC - Headmistress
  • Dr. Katsuko Saruhashi - the technology teacher and media center specialist. A technopath. - NPC
  • Letitia O’Dowd - Drama faculty - NPC
  • Ms. Madison Thérèse Teke - French Teacher and private tutor to the three were students at the school - NPC
  • Professor Runeidle - NPC
  • Coach Merriment Guillory - one of the school’s phys ed teachers, a ki specialist, master of using his internal spiritual energies to enhance his physical capabilities; he helps with powers training, especially with those requiring focus and calm. Agruff, stocky man with a grizzled beard. - NPC
  • Mr. Jervitincy - teaches history - NPC
  • Miss Martinez - NPC
  • Mr. J - teaches English - NPC

School Staff

NPC = not played by anyone

Other Characters

NPC = not played by anyone

  • Sidney Cooper - a student from the rival school
  • Ms. Rachel Yancey - NPC
  • Steve (referenced by Oswald) - NPC
  • Covington (referenced by Oswald) - NPC
  • Ara's Auntie Jane Uncle Jon - NPC