Missing People in Rubenow Germany

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DAO FIRE TEAM 2 One chapter, 5 scenes - First Scene

First mentioned in DAO Season 1 Chapter 1 scene 2

Mentions/follow ups in DAO Season 1 Chapter 1 scene 3

Agents Involved

Scarlett Pickett, Eliot Bryant, Circe Lamia, James (Wolfboy) McDire, Sage Lattimer, Darren Hemingway-Rutledge


Other Characters Involved

Sam - Brother of Max

Max - Brother of Sam

chapter 1 scene 4 starter


824 people vanished from the village of Rubenow, Germany on September 2, 2014. A fire team was sent Rubenow, a small rural town with are few businesses, small grocery, two gas stations and a local diner. The agents find almost all people have disappeared, only runes, sigils and spectral lights left behind. Dr. Bryant is pulled into one of the lights as the agents find Sam and Max, brothers who were visiting the area and turned on an old Nazi machine, Zeitliche Verdränger. When the brothers switched it on, it shifted the town's inhabitants, but not the brothers who were at the machine when they turned it on. The team cuts power to the machine, returning the people to proper time and space. They take the machine back for further study.

DAO Bulletin

September 3rd 2014 16:30 Eastern
To DAO Field Operatives
Subject: Rubenow Germany
On September 2nd, at 23:19 local time, the entire population of Rubenow, Germany vanished with out a trace. There are three witnesses. Satellite 
imaging of the area.
You need to find out where everyone went, and if at all possible bring them back. The DAO Jet will leave at 18:00.

Tech and Mystical Elements

Circe when they first arrived could see fading sigils. Or lights. From all around. She could see these strange emanations in the sky encircling the town, but getting weaker and weaker, the weakest spot was the church. Circe drew the rune she could see in the sky, a very abstract representation of what could be described as an eye. Circe - “I can see this … everywhere, outside and … it is not a pleasant sight. It feels as if …. it was piercing my very self.”


Cell Phones (or Handys as they are sometimes called) - They use mainly a GSM network with many people preferring prepaid type of services, although the SIM card tech is about the same.

Darren has a device he made that can detect different energies and measurements.

In an old Nazi storage facility about three miles outside of town they find an old device with Nazi occult symbols on it. It is labeled as a Zeitliche Verdränger (temporal displacer).


Chapter 1 Scene 1

chapter 1 scene 1 starter

The agents research and share facts and rumors before leaving

Chapter 1 Scene 2

chapter 1 scene 2 starter

When agents arrive they find a few cars, abandoned in the center of the road, make navigating a little difficult. The team makes their way to the center of town. A church, with about 20 cars abandoned in the small parking lot. some barely in a parking spot. More then a few with the doors opened. Apparently this was a destination of urgency in the last moments for some.

Scarlett searches cell phones for potential last calls or messages. James uses his senses to "sniff" out scents. Sage uses her ability to search for emotional residue. Darren uses his own device. “The ethereal readings indicate that a very large mass of people entered the church, ignored the pews, and made a beeline for the sanctuary here. But then the readings stop. Obviously these people knew something was happening, causing them to flee here. “ Darren then leans over and picks up some clothing hidden behind the lectern. “Even more baffling is the fact that the priest’s vestments are lying on the floor here, looking like his body disappeared and left his clothing to fall in a pile.”

Under the discarded vestment is a rune like the one that Circe said was magically in the sky above.


Chapter 1 Scene 3

chapter 1 scene 3 starter

Dr. Eliot, Scarlett, and Sage move to investigate Darren’s find. Dr Eliot sketches the image in his note book and Scarlett takes a digital and begins a comparative search through all DAO databases. As the others works, Sage slowly becomes aware of the presence of others in the room. Turning she sees the blurry image of people praying in the pews. Before Sage can inform the others a spectral light passes through the wall and slowly moves towards the DAO agents. Darren scans the light, "It’s not registering on thermal or electromagnetic at all, but astral potentiation is off the charts!”

As they investigated the light, Eliot touched the Spectral Light. His body faded, leaving behind a bluish glow like a hologram for a few moments before that disappeared as well. As Darren, Sage and Scarlett run from the church, three more lights on the street begin to follow them.


Before Circe is able to enter the church, James rushes over in Wolf form. “I have a sent of people, living fresh. This way.” The two rush off to investigate. Circe continues to see the sigils. "The eyes seem to be growing. The sigils in the sky move … like…. as if they shiver. And they seem to become more … how do I say that … substantial.” They track two to a hotel, Sam and Max

Chapter 1 Scene 4

chapter 1 scene 4 starter

Sam and Max, brothers, tell the team about what happened. They were on holiday with their mother. They were touring an old Nuclear power plant. They had heard of an old Nazi storage facility about three miles outside of town on a Nazi occult website. They find an old device with Nazi occult symbols on it and turned it on and everyone disappeared.

The team regroups and decides to head to the storage facility.

Chapter 1 Scene 5

chapter 1 scene 5 starter

The two brothers lead the team to a bunker outside of town. Graffiti on the wall indicates that the place is a local hang out for the younger crowd. The damage on the door indicates it was recently forced open. Inside a room a old device with German writing is found. Most is illegible, but one line is clear. Zeitliche Verdränger.

Circe can see the power flow through the machine and she is not feeling well. Scarlett uses a translation app to find the sign read Temporal Displacer. James uses a knife to cut the main power cord, causing the machine to switch off. Circe feels better, Scarlett becomes slightly disoriented, feeling the temporal shift as things are restored. The people, and Dr. Bryant are returned. A DAO clean up team is called in to create a cover story and keep everything under control.

Tie in to larger ARC and other plots

The Eye appears in later scenes and may be tied to something associated with Alumbrados. Some of the team is affected by changes in time/space and this carries through into later missions. Darren and Circe both did further research on the machine.

Unsolved Mysteries and Notes

  • There were three witnesses, but only find Sam and Max.
  • What was that facility doing there and what is the history of the Zeitliche Verdränger?
  • What ties do the eye rune have besides the potential Alumbrados ties?
  • Did the temporal shifting have long term affects on the team?