Misha Ryder

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character name
Character Name (full name) - Misha Ryder
Alternate Names (aliases) - ?
Gender - ?
Birth Date - ?
Death Date - ?
Species - ?
First Appearance - ?
Created by - ?
Abilities - ?
Notes - ?

Character Biography

Nikoli and Natalia Rydovich were refugees fleeing the Bosnian conflict during the early 1990s. They were contacted by a man who offered them refuge in exchange for doing some medical experiments. What they didn’t tell the couple was that it was a derivative of the infamous “Lot Six” done by a secret organization looking to create super soldiers. Nikoli and Natalia while nervous about the deal, took them up on it.

What they didn’t know was that Natalia was in the early stages of pregnancy. The serum was successful and both Nikoli and Natalia began showing signs of becoming metahumans, as Lot Six was a synthetic composition of a human pituitary extract. And it was also beginning to mutate the fetus growing inside Natalia. By the time the pregnancy was discovered, it was too late as the baby had already been affected by the compound.

When Natalia had Misha, they discovered that she had the power to change her body to blend in with her environment, especially in times of stress or strong emotion. The organization killed Nikoli and Natalia so they could begin experiments on Misha.

When Misha was 16, she figured out a way to escape the facility and she did so, spending the last 4 years on the run, and going by the name Ryder. A few months ago, she was arrested for vagrancy, and was put into contact with an agent for the DAO. She agreed to sign on to the job.

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