Max Lyndon

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Character Biography

Max wasn’t too happy to be sent back to school.

Man, he left for a reason, you know? He didn’t need to learn all that, not where he was going, where he had been since he was a kid. He’d made it just fine so far, anyway, just on his own ability to talk his way out of any bad situation.

Well… Until recently, at least. Until his abilities had manifested, and he found that he’s not so fine. Of course, he should have known something was up when his ancient, cracked phone, his last line to anyone, never seemed to need a charge anymore. Or, when he seemed to be generating a weird amount of static, more than one normally should be shocking people. But, of course, everyone shocks people now and then, and everyone knows Nokias are unbreakable—right?

It wasn’t until, during a fight with a friend, he knocked out all power in a three-block radius.

After that… Well, people came looking for him. They took him in, did some tests—and for once, he acquiesced, scared to death now—and decided he was some kind of “meta,” a word he didn’t like hearing. Not one bit.

Now, he was stuck in school, a seventeen-year-old ex-dropout with a record, plus one very strange event. He’s a bit standoffish, his words acerbic and his face set in a perpetual scowl.

But, whether he likes it or not, he’s here, he’s got some brand-new secrets and issues to work through, and he better get used to it.

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