Maui "Mortis" Robinson

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Character Biography

Mort would tell you that he was born with his powers. He would also, however, tell you that he was born just six months ago. As far as he’s concerned, this is true. The doctors call it amnesia caused by a severe head injury. He begs to differ. He simply came to be one day, in a hospital bed. He was told that his name was Maui Robinson and that there had been a horrible accident.

The birds told him otherwise. They called him Mortis. They said there were no accidents in life.

Slow moving, slow speaking, and with a pale face that shows very little emotion, it’s no wonder that Mort found the world difficult to live in after he was released into the foster system. Brain damage, the doctors said. A mental disability, they would later add. He sought refuge with the birds - corvids and icterids in particular took a shining to him. The way he would sit and speak with them only landed him in more therapy sessions. With no families he was placed with knowing how to properly handle him, the State managed to use his grades coupled with his unique abilities to get him a dorm room and a small stipend so he could stay at Monroe Academy.

Mort has a snarky sense of humor that matches well with his deadpan voice. While he enjoys the company of others, he is easily frustrated and tends to shy away from strangers. Not knowing how people will react to his slow manner puts a lot of pressure on him. Once he knows he won’t be judged and is with a patient person, however, he can easily carry on an intelligent conversation.

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