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What Are Scarlett's Files

A wiki that documents the gnomeverse (a world created in Storium Games by Twisted_Gnome) and the Games/Stories created by many Storium authors including: Twisted_Gnome, Kummer_wolfe, Ceekayell, mikitracey, docwho2100, WookieGunner, MacStainless, ThatOneDM, FreeXenon, Zetas, ladle, Crix, Talos_Creek, resuki, Matjaza, TheSkoot, danyael, SigmaWarlord17, _Kai_, Mousling, PhantomBishop, piratelogic, TheLuckChild, Trixander, yeswin1, TimeLady, TrishEM, Rattannah, Nocturnalchemy, and Beej.

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What is the DAO?

The Department of Abnormal Occurrences (DAO) is a worldwide organization dedicated to dealing with strange situations. DAO Agents operate in a world filled with metas (non-baselines), mystical-aligned, magic users, aliens, humans (baselines) and more all trying to find a place in this crazy world.

DAO Glossary - Slang and terms used in the DAO Universe

What is the TAC?

The Abnormal Occurrence Threat Assessment and Containment (AO-TAC or TAC) is a sister organization to DAO dedicated to the more military side of dealing with strange situations. TAC and the AO TSU solders who are all part of TAC focus on containing the dangers associated with metas (non-baselines), mystical-aligned, magic users, aliens, and more when the individual makes the wrong decision or becomes a threat to peace or prior to the event, secrecy.

The main foci of TAC are: training the AO TSU and the regular military for preparedness for emergencies related to these non-baseline types, Study of DAO findings as related to countering the advantages of non baselines and items of military significance, and Containment. TAC is in charge of the blackest of black sites. A prison designed to contain the most dangerous of the Cryptid, Meta, Alien and Mystical threats

Storium Games that form the Universe

DAO Stories come in many forms. There are the larger, Season Storium games that are structured similar to how Seasons are used in Television. There have been two seasons of the main DAO storium, one season of Safe Haven Games, one season of Monroe Academy, one season of Project Mogul: The Brazel Ranch Occurrence, one season of DAO Vault 13, two seasons of DAO Academy and one season of TAC: Case File. During a season, agents may be sent on Fire Team Missions. Some Fire Team missions have their own Storium Games and some are found within the larger Season Storium games.

DAO Storium Games

Game Detail Pages contain information about the Storium game mechanics and general structure. DAO Story Pages/Dossiers contain information about the plot and narrative. Some games have multiple Story plots/Dossiers. Check the quick guide to all Storium DAO/TAC games for a quick review of stories.

Last Updated June 2019

Game Detail Page Story Page/Detailed Dossier Status Game Link
Department of Abnormal Occurrences (DAO) Season 1 The Ebola outbreak in Guinea
Delivery of The Rod of Rasputin
DAO Vault Break-in
Alumbrados Octavius Plot
Completed Storium Link
Department of Abnormal Occurrences (DAO) Season 2 Pyro and Brick
Bronx Cleanup and Stinky Dan
Completed Storium Link
Safe Haven Games Completed Storium Link
DAO Fire Team 1 Seattle Crypids
The Theft of the Sword of Shadows
Completed Storium Link
DAO Fire Team 2 The Ghosts of Rubenow Completed Storium Link
DAO Fire Team Mission: Redcaps Redcaps Completed Storium Link
DAO Fire Team Mission: Cultists Louisiana Cultists Completed Storium Link
DAO Fire Team Mission: Vampires Gina Thorn Foundation - Vampires Completed Storium Link
DAO Fire Team Mission: Rescue from Orissa Completed Storium Link
Monroe Academy Completed Storium Link
DAO Vault 13 DAO Vault 13 Renewal Completed Storium Link
Project Mogul: The Brazel Ranch Occurrence Completed Storium Link
DAO Academy Manu Forte Squad DAO Academy Manu Forte Squad Basic Training Completed Storium Link
DAO: Contraflow NaNoWriMo 2016 DAO: Contraflow Completed Storium Link
DAO Academy Pari Passu Squad DAO Academy Pari Passu Squad The Pines In-Progress Storium Link
TAC: Case File: Crusade TAC: Crusade Completed Storium Link
DAO: Case File: Blood Money In-Progress Storium Link
TAC REDACTED: Off the Books Not Started Storium Link

Current Plot Threads

Last updated March 2018

DAO Universe Timelines

==== Pre EVENT === ==== EVENT ====


==== Post EVENT ====

Timing of Storium Games - Chronological order of the storium games and chapters

DAO History - A timeline of events specific to the DAO Organization

Events Timeline - a timeline that lists events and activities in the DAO universe

Characters in the Universe

DAO Agents

See the complete personnel file for a listing of every person/name mentioned in the DAO Universe

TAC Agents

See the complete personnel file for a listing of every person/name mentioned in the DAO Universe

Monroe Academy Students and Staff

Safe Haven


Organizations In The DAO Universe

DAO Locations - a listing of offices, labs, and other locations

Types of Beings in the Gnomeverse

Alien - of non-terrestrial origin, may be mystical or not. example: Vruul. See DAO Alien Encounters for more information.

Cryptid a.k.a. Mythical - may be created or born, but while terrestrial, they are certainly non-human. Hybrids generally fall into this category. Example: Chimerae

Mystical - empowered by the conscious manipulation of energy. example: druids

Meta - similar to superheroes, these folk may be manipulating energy, or shooting lazer beams, or super strong but they aren't consciously using magic. example: Brick

Angelic/Demonic - The beginning of time here was a war brewing in heaven. The archangel Lucifer and his faction opposed the archangel Michael coming to represent the sides of evil and good, sin and grace. There are never just two sides in a war. In this case there were those who didn't or wouldn't take sides. The war raged, yadda yadda. And finally god stepped in. He cast down the fallen and Lucifer created his own enclave, Hell. God, in his wrath he cast down also the doubters, the cowards and the peaceniks, but Lucifer did not welcome them for they did not take his side either. The were forced to take refuge among his second, chosen children. Since then some have remained neutral, but others have courted the favor of one side or another. Abbadon is one such.

Norms - Some, hell, most folks are just Normal, but that doesn't mean they can't do the job. Besides, some Cryptids are more human that some humans. So we call them Norms. example: Bryant

Grab Bag - We've met alien mages and meta cryptids, there's no hard and fast rule saying you can only be one.

Other - Some beings just don't fit in any of the boxes, so we made this one extra fitting. example: Roza

And FINALLY a shout out to diversity - there is also no rule saying that you can't be both Autistic AND a Mage, or Wheelchair bound AND Meta.

Technical Olio

Technology in the DAO Universe

Magic in the DAO Universe

Abnormal Occurrence Levels

Mystical and Magical Objects

Weapons used by DAO

Gadgets and Technology used by DAO

Project M

Vault 13

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