Lea Diallo

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Artist:Allan Dotson
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First Appearance

Department of Abnormal Occurrences (DAO) Chapter 1 Scene 1 (NPC)

Department of Abnormal Occurrences (Season 2) Chapter 2 Scene 1 (PC)

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Character Biography

It is hard, coming to America when you were born somewhere else. It is hard to lose your whole family. It is hard being a teenager. Put them all together, throw in some weird, and you have a recipe for a rough life.

Lea was born in Guinea. Her parents were security personal for some of the wealthier people. When the Ebola epidemic hit, the disease didn’t care if you were rich or poor. It hit everyone, and it hit them hard. Both of her parents died.

Lea was rescued by UN aid workers helping with the epidemic. With both parents dead, and no where else for the teen girl to go, the aid workers took her with them.

At least that is the story she tells everyone.

The truth is, the Ebola epidemic was actually Zombies. And the UN workers were the DAO. Lea was rescued when her parents were killed by the Zombies.

Since coming to America, she has made many friends. This is her first full year at Monroe Academy and she relishes being an American student.

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