Jason Abaddon

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Artist:Jeff Preston
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Character Biography

Growing up, Jason only ever knew his mother. A loving but frail woman, his mother worked hard to provide Jason with a happy home. A rambunctious child, no matter how much trouble he got into outside of the house, Jason always felt safe in his home.

Jason only asked about his father once. When he asked, his mother turned pale. She only said that he was a man of the cloth and that they had only met the one time. Jason never got up the courage to ask again. So when the DAO showed up on his door step, and told Jason and his mother that his father was a fallen angel with designs upon the world, it was a little shocking. Not nearly as shocking as when his mother said she knew.

Jason is still adjusting to the fact that he is half divine. On top of that, he is now going to school at Monroe Academy.

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