Henry Rise

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character name
Character Name (full name) - Henry Rise
Alternate Names (aliases) - "The Spartan"
Gender - Male
Birth Date - Unkown
Death Date - Still alive and kicking, last I checked.
Species - Enhanced Human
First Appearance - DAO: Season 2
Created by - SigmaWarlord17
Abilities - Increased speed, stamina, strength, and heightened senses.
Notes - NA

Character Biography

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Family and Friends

Family: Unknown

Friends: Currently, none. (Henry was introduced towards the end of the only game he has appeared in. He has had interaction with a few of the characters from DAO: Season 2, but not much.)

Education, Career and Other Work


Career: Past careers are either unknown or classified. He is currently a member of the DAO and the Tactical Soldier Unit, and serves as a liaison between the two.

Other Work: None.

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