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Character Biography

Lt. Garret Rogers first appeared in the DAO timeline in Department of Abnormal Occurrences (Season 2).

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Character Data

Name Garret Rogers

Race Human (enhanced)

Gender Male

Class DAO Tactical Soldier (TSU) (enhanced soldier with exoskeleton)

Alignment Lawful Good (?lawful annoying?)

Faction DAO Tactical Soldiers Unit (TSU)

(Think of him like the following - if Captain America were enhanced, but not superhuman and was given a stripped -down Iron Man suit thing.)

Physical Description

Age: 26

Height: 6’2

Weight: 230 lbs

Hair: dark brown

Eyes: jade green

Build: muscular

History and Biography

Garret was the sort of person that everyone loved and hated at the same time. He was both physically fit, kind, and bright as well. He was a star quarterback, a fencer, physics major, chess player, and a Playstation aficionado, often playing Madden Football against the nerds, with whom he was also friends with. His jock friends unleashed no end of verbal assaults about that, but he just let it roll off his back for they were brutish, and, well, “jocks’. “Why can’t we all just get along.“ he would moan often under his breath.

His family lived a comfortable middle-class life. His father attended a local community college and received an AS in Hotel Management and used it to good effect having become a manager of a local hotel. His mother was, strangely enough, a great mechanic at a local garage. She always smiled when she saw a Ford, since fixing them was what kept her in business and parts (especially in junk yards) were readily available. She had the “touch” and sailed through trade school, since she was raised by her father and her 3 brothers who loved cars, and even one of them did a stint as an Indy Racer.

Garret was the first in their family to get a Bachelors degree and attend a full state university, and he was also the first the receive a scholarship of any kind. He received a full ride on a football scholarship and was a star quarterback and an all-star fencer. He did well while taking Spanish and Swahili and in his weekend chess and Madden football competitions too. Anything he chose to do he did well at. It was not a blessed life necessarily, because he worked hard to get what he wanted, which is the work ethic that he received from his parents who worked hard and he knew that he needed to as well if he was going to be successful too.

While in college he decided to challenge his abilities and his work ethic and joined the Army ROTC. He enjoyed the discipline and the team work a lot. Following the completion of college he was sent to assist UN troops in Africa to contain a local warlord which unknowingly ended up being a AO issue - werewolf soldiers being led by a ghostly shaman of sorts amidst an ‘accidental’ zombie uprising. Neither he nor his troops were trained or prepared for this, who really was, but he was the only one of the squads there to handle the moment well leading them to some form of a victory, and was immediately volunteered/assigned to a special joint project between the UN and DAO titled ‘The Elliot Project’ or, more specifically, the DAO Tactical Soldiers Unit. They sometimes used T.S. Elliot and variations of it in talking about it and their soldiers.

In his time in college, ROTC, and his military and DAO work he has been universally reviled and celebrated for his honorable way of working. He prefers to be straight forward especially within his command structure. He has learned that complete honesty with civilians can be devastating and so has learned to temper a bit there, but otherwise, how you think of him may be determined where his honesty puts you with others around you.

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