Gadgets and Technology used by DAO

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  • anti-personnel retractor field generator - mechanical looking bracelet with a dial. Obtained by Agent Thomas Jackson from a crash in Minnesota. It’s an anti-personnel retractor field generator. The boys in the lab made some adjustments to keep it all nice and subtle. It won’t stop a bullet, but it’ll deflect a good punch - DAO Season 1 Chapter 1, Scene 1
  • mesh networks - used by Scarlett Pickett to create communication networks and other uses
  • Hazmats suits
  • holographic projector used by Mervin to make him look like others - DAO Season 1 Chapter 1, Scene 1
  • Holographic computer study - holographic recreation of the Nazi machine was the focus of his attention. - DAO Season 1 Chapter 1, Scene 3
  • Applied Physics Lab - Dr. Weltman
  • Kirlian photograph - It will show us your aura which we then compare to the control version that was taken during orientation. If you have been possesed, then the possor’s aura will be intertwined with yours and we will see it in the comparison.” - DAO Season 1 Chapter 1, Scene 3
  • DAO planes - have own aircraft
  • drones armed with small caliber pistols season 1 Chapter 3, Scene 1
  • Scarlett uses a GPS app to crack the encrypted frequencies of the drones’ Global Positioning Systems to cause Drones to crash - season 1 Chapter 3, Scene 2
  • DAO Data Fulcrum
  • Scarlett is able to reroute camera feeds in DAO so it is not recording the actual place it is focused on - DAO Season 1 chapter 3 scene 3
  • Links that allow DAO agents to communicate - DAO Season 1 chapter 3 scene 4
  • Able to pick up close range wirless transmissions, hack channels and broadcast over walkie talkies and other communication devices DAO Season 1 chapter 4 scene 1
  • Scarlett was able to disrupt the wave frequencies from the Coronet Stanley used. " Somehow tech waves were linked to the coronet and tech signals could be distorted; a weird application of Clarke’s Third Law." DAO Season 1 chapter 4 scene 3
  • Scarlett uses a dart gun to fire dart spikes that have wireless routers on them and can stick into many objects, allowing for quick placement of Satellite Internet WiFi hotspots - DAO Season 1 chapter 4 scene 3
  • Project M - a database Scarlett Pickett is creating to catalog all metas and related information.

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