F. Perdurabo

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Character Biography

F. Perdurabo lives on his estate in the English countryside near Hastings, East Sussex. He is an investment broker and is listed in Forbes top 100 richest people in the world. In some respects he is very reclusive, his business is often conducted by others and many transactions happen through intermediaries or online. His personal life is very private. Searches done into his background show some activity via his professional business record and a series of social functions he hosts and attends (no record of family or other personal ties can be found). He collects art and antiquities and is known for hosting exclusive parties and events on his estate to show off his treasures. It is quite the coup to be invited to a Perdurabo event.

His birthday is listed as 1 December 1947, but he does not look a day over 50. It is rumored that he has some ties to the mystical and some whispers suggest Perdurabo is a pseudonym. He has had interaction with the DAO, but those files have been redacted and are unavailable to entry level agents and most agents have no knowledge of Perdurabo past what the newspapers and social media presents.

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