Eternal Skulls

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The Eternal Skulls were first encountered in a narrative by Lt. Garrett Rogers of the DAO Tactical Soldiers Unit (TSU) in Chapter 2 Scene 1 of the Department of Abnormal Occurrences (Season 2) when talking about reports of the happenings since the opening of the new DAO building in New York.

“Speaking of cults, ma’am, the TSU has had a run in with the Eternal Skulls which seems to be a network of gangs and cultists who are controlled and created via a mysterious cult who worships a floating skull so black it absorbs all light and seems to grant various mostly temporary powers related to death and fate to those who touch it. We had a run in with some of their gangers on the east side that was receiving its orders from a priesthood found upstate. It is thought by some that the cult may be connected to a Voo Doo princess of sorts. We are still not sure what that all means.

As far as our current limited investigation has shown, their network, so far, seems to span 3 countries - the US, Nicaragua, and Germany. TSU was specifically called in due to our proximity at the time and due to the virulent nature of the ganger’s leader’s powers, which gave out towards the end of the engagement. We are not sure if their powers are magical, biological, or something else yet, since we have only had one encounter with some of their gangers and only one of which had powers, specifically a necrotic life-draining power or sorts. Forensics is still trying to figure it out. Most of the TSU agents were able to resist the leaders powers although the local forces suffered greatly. Our exoskeleton had no issues. Although, I fear that a cultist that is fully powered will prove quite a force to be reckoned with, even for TSU. If this cult is allowed to spread it may end up with the death of many innocents, and much panic.“