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Character Biography

from DAO Season 2

Since he was a child, EJ thought everyone could do what he can. It wasn’t until his 14th birthday that his parents sat him down and tried to have the conversation with him. However, EJ’s ability to travel 14-seconds into the past meant he already knew everything they had to say.

Since then he kept his mouth shut and “blinked” as often as he could. The more he used his power, the more power he wanted. And that’s where the DAO came in. If he was to become more than a 14-second time traveler, THIS was the place to do that.

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Writer Notes

From DAO Season 2

  • EJ would be back in jeans and a t-shirt; his normal attire.
  • EJ had only been with the organization for six months and had been based out of California. Meeting LaGrey was the perfect opportunity.
  • I’m Eric Jones out of the LA office.
  • “Fucking cultists are mine,” EJ raises his hand. “I still owe them from the last time.” He flexes his hand but says no more.

From DAO Fire Team Mission Cultist

  • EJ shot Princess Yaa
  • “They’re trapped. It’s called a chronic hysteresis… a Time Loop.“ explained Scarlett. “EJ’s retroactive time travel power is perfectly balanced out by the forward-looking power of the Time Portal. I

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