DAO Locations

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  • Delta Lab complex - Catskills Base Location
  • Applied Physics Lab - Catskills Base Location
  • Romero office suite - Catskills Base location
  • Roswell Office
  • Catskills Base - The headquarters, of the DAO, is a walled compound in the Catskill Mountains. Covering 7 miles, there is all amenities a multinational response team could need. Housing for over 200 field agents, personal, and their families. A state of the art training center. Including a firing range, gym, and Olympic sized swimming pool. A hospital, a mess, laboratories, and occult center. (DAO Season 1 Chapter 1, Scene 1) Has library, outside training facilities, Applied Physics Lab, cafeteria
  • Catskills Base - largest building on base, the main administration building. Which is also attached to the laboratories. (Season 1 Chapter 2, Scene 2)
  • DAO Data Fulcrum
  • Potential Alumbrados location - a location in the Bronx a building on the edge of the industrial wharf. (Season 1 Chapter 4, Scene 1)