DAO Alien Encounters

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Alien Races

Vruul: Centipede like Insectoids. Mercenary - they were running a naitaka egg smuggling scheme out of Chester Morse Lake in Washington State. The Vrull were using alien Giant Isopods to secrete a chemical into the water that was thought to increase Naitaka egg production rates. The eggs were to be sold for huge amounts of money in the second quadrant of the Mutta Spiral. It's not clear if the Vrull themselves considered the eggs a delicacy or if they were destined to be sold to another culture. The Vrull communicate in a series of clicks which could be translated by DAO translators. Agent Khurana was attacked by a Vrull weapon that emitted a burning energy gel. Dr Herron later analysed the substance as a spermatophore - the Trull have successfully weaponised their own reproductive system.

The Mirikan: These were one of the first alien races encountered on Earth. Early records contain little detail about this race, as the archive principles had yet to be formalised. The race left behind The Coronet - a techno-neurological device that defends the wearer against magic and sorcery.

DAO Missions Dealing with Aliens

Project Mogul: The Brazel Ranch Occurrence

Mentions of Aliens in the Gnomeverse