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Part 1 [Chapter 1 Scene 1] - [Chapter 1 Scene 3]

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Part 2 - The Pines Mission


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The DAO Academy is located in the Catskill Mountains in New York State, USA. Each training cohort is given a squad name. This follows the Pari Passu Squad. Part 1 is about the cadets' arrival and basic training. Part 2 is a specialized mission occurring before the training session was complete.

See Catskills Academy Training Facility for information about the Academy location.

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Tech and Mystical Elements

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Magical and Mystical Elements


Chapter 1 Scene 1

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Tie in to larger ARC and other plots

  • The first scene in chapter 1 mentions something happening to some of the instructors. This references incidents in Contraflow as well as other recent events.

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