DAO Academy Manu Forte Squad Basic Training

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The DAO Academy is located in the Catskill Mountains in New York State, USA. Each training cohort is given a squad name. This follows the Manu Forte Squad. Part 1 is about the cadets' arrival and basic training. Part 2 is a specialized mission occurring before the training session was complete.

See Catskills Academy Training Facility for information about the Academy location.

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Tech and Mystical Elements

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  • Solomon Drake made a taser from odd parts and later turned it into a makeshift battery charger - C1S1
  • Solomon Drake altered a flip phone - "He had made it so that it could hijack its way through any cellular network or onto almost any satellite to be able to give him global positioning information anywhere. " - C1S1
  • Quantum Particle Manipulation - C1S2
 In your article on Quantum Particle Manipulation, I would like to understand why you went with certain assumptions. Do you really ascribe to the 
 M-theory with respect to spacetime? I can see the allure, but I do not see how we can be comfortable with a scientific theory that does not allow 
 us to measure an 11-dimensional spacetime.”
 Dr. Pinkicerebro smiled in true pleasure and his voice became warm for the first time since Solomon had started listening in. “Oh, finally someone 
 who has a grasp of important subjects. Yes, I do ascribe to the M-theory, but I believe that the only way to measure the 11-dimensional spacetime 
 is through study outside the normal branches of science. That is why I have begun studying mystical interactions with quantum mechanics. As you can 
 imagine, until I have some concrete evidence, I cannot state such things in a scientific paper, so that is why my assumptions are not clearly 
 stated in that article.

Magical and Mystical Elements


Chapter 1 Scene 1

chapter 1 scene 1 starter

Tie in to larger ARC and other plots

  • The first scene in chapter 1 mentions something happening to some of the instructors.
 "“Touche,” Bianca said as she made her way to the rooftop ledge next to Alex and looked down at the main entrance way. “So the recruits are 
 “Yes they are. I’ve had folders sent to your room. We will be staying in the squad’s dorm, you down the women’s hall and I take the men’s 
 side. I am glad you are able to help. I know something happened to the last set of instructors and they needed a new set, ASAP.”
 “Read the reports, I really don’t feel like looking at those photos again, at least not before dinner.”
  • Meta-Omega program - mentioned in Chapter 1 Scene 1 & 2 -
 They’d spent four long, hard years of training together (Zelenke her trainer)
 “Ah… You must be wondering why I approached you so suddenly.” Dr. Charles Pinkicerebro guessed sheepishly. “My apologies, but I could not help 
 but satisfy my curiosity. You are a trainee under the Meta-Omega program, are you not?”
 Sabella froze. He knew of her program, of its details? The name alone was on a need-to-know basis. She clenched her fists in apprehension. She 
 was not allowed to “divulge information” about it, but was not briefed in handling questions from people outside who knew.   
 The doctor continued placatingly, noticing her panic. “No need to worry. I simply know of someone who works in the program and found your file 
 amongst the newer recruits of DAO, you see. And I wanted to congratulate you. It must be quite an honor for you to have come this far. Your 
 family must be thrilled.”
 Besides… she thought. Zelenke and the Meta-Omega people had promised my safety. They promised to me when I started training my powers, when we 
 started practicing with weapons, when they started giving me those drugs. They’d only made me stronger than ever! So, why would they kill me?

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