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Storium link: https://storium.com/game/dao-academy-manu-forte-squad

See the following dossier for more information - DAO Academy Manu Forte Squad Basic Training


Game Description From Storium

It is your first day at DAO Academy located in the Catskill Mountains in New York State, USA. You are a rookie recruit for the DAO. The Department of Abnormal Occurrences (DAO) is a worldwide organization dedicated to dealing with strange situations. DAO Agents operate in a world filled with metas (non-baselines), mystical, magical, aliens, humans (baselines) and more all trying to find a place in this crazy world. You are on your way to becoming a DAO Agent. You just have to survive your basic training at the Academy.

This is set in the storyworld of Department of Abnormal Occurrences created by @Twisted_Gnome see http://www.scarlettfiles.com/ for more info - thanks TG for letting us play in the DAO sandbox

See Catskills Academy Training Facility for information about the Academy location.

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