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Non Sentient Cryptids

Coatl - Flying Snakes, usually constrictors although there is at least one venomous breed

Fricken - a weird cross between a chicken and a frog. They have a beautiful song

Jackalope - a wily creature out of the old west. Generally appear to be large jackrabbits with the horns of red deer.

Mai-as a species of new world monkey with ties to the dog.

Wild Haggis a weird cross between a skunk, a duck and a hedgehog. Extinct in North America.

Created Cryptids

Lycans - any mammal infected with the Lycan-Y form of Rabies

Some types of Vampires

Hybrids either human-animal or cryptid-animal hybrids exist.

Sentient or Semi-Sentient Cryptids

Bain Sidhe (Banshee) - a Fae psychopomp

Chupacabra - "what happens when a Gila monster and a coyote love each other very very much."

Chimerae - see also Manticore

Huldre - a very rare form of cryptid of Northern European origins, not much is known about these.


Lord O'th' Moors

Manticore - see also Chimerae

Orang Pendak - A race of sentient apes out of Borneo.

Redcap - a type of minor Fae known to be ruthless and bloody killers

Vampires - multiple types exist of this recently experienced blood sucker