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People in the DAO Universe

First Name / Single Name Only

  • Annie - Amity's cousin. Annie’s dad was the family historian
  • Brandon at Frederic Fekkai - a stylist Bianca uses
  • Buffy was a dragon princess, a female dragon who, like all the rest of them, looked like supermodels - Buffy was the event planner. Executive assistant to either LaGray or Davis
  • Crowley (Hemingway-Rutledge) - Fake name used by Hemingway-Rutledge "I’m with these WHO as a disease specialist and I’m here to talk about Ebola"
  • Fitch-J - helper robot made by Scarlett
  • Incredible Hulk - mentioned as himself
  • Jessica - 18lb Jackalope associated with Amity Healy
  • Judith - spoke to Marigold during a DAO meet and greet
  • Naitaka - a cryptid encountered in Seattle
  • Natashia - wife to be of Valentin Kareshnikov - deceased
  • Nova - DAO Agent
  • Osiris - Egypt god mentioned in terms of mystic objects
  • Pishacha - type of demon
  • Ra - Egypt god mentioned in terms of mystic objects
  • Sam and Max - brothers who were touring in Rubenow Germany and accidentally turned on a temporal device.
  • Thomas - associated with DAO and firefighting
  • Uncle Kevin - related to Amity Healy
  • Veri - mentioned by Amity
  • Zaazenach - Angel of the sixth hour of Night

James - super strength meta Kalie (10 years old) is daughter and Sean is his husband and a pyro

Last name A - D

  • King Arthur - mentioned as potential links
  • Mr Baxter - concierge on the front desk at the Catskills DAO offices
  • William Blightman - CEO of Geotechnologies and a demon (Pishacha)
  • Commander Isaac Breckton of the UN forces in Africa
  • Dr. Eliot Bryant, Psy. D - DOA Agent
  • Chavez - soldier for DAO
  • Clemens - soldier for DAO
  • Abdoulaye Condé - WHO military liaison
  • Grandfather Coyote - comes to James McDire to help him with his wolf control
  • DAO Tactical Soldier Unit (TSU) - mentioned in season 2 chapter 1 scene 1
  • Donald Davis - General and Leads American DAO
  • Lea Diallo - Monroe Academy Student and Honorary DAO Agent

Last name E - H

Last name I - L

Last name M - P

  • James (Wolfboy) McDire - Dao Agent and nagual
  • Mr. McAnn - a paramedic that was on scene during the Bronx Event
  • Colonel Valerie Maj - ex wife of Dr. Bryant
  • Thomas Middleton - leader of thr Seeing Eye cult
  • Professor Miller - worked at the Smithsonian and for Alumbrados
  • Mirikans - alien race
  • Dr V.K. Mukarjee - Permanent Representative of India to the UN
  • Ghalia N’kechi - military in charge of organizing Guinea Outbreak Quarantine
  • Senator Michael O’Reilly
  • Obama - attended one of the DAO meet and greets and interacted with the agents (season 2)
  • Dr. Adana Ochoa - Psychologist who is studying Baseline (human) and Non-Baseline (Meta) interactions. Works for the DAO
  • Mystic Pendak - associated with DAO
  • Dr. Phil - mentioned as himself
  • Tarun Phukan - DAO Agent - Director of Vault 13
  • Scarlett Pickett - DAO Agent
  • Dr. Charles Pinkicerebro - A DAO quantum engineer
  • Mervin Pumpkinhead - DAO Agent

Last name Q - S

Last name T - Z

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