Charles Pinkicerebro

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  • mention by Dean - Upon sauntering in to the party Dean spots someone he recognizes from the newspapers (yes, he reads the newspaper). Dr. Pinkicerebro was at this party! His work connecting mystic powers to quantum mechanics always caught Dean’s eye as he browsed the news. Now was his chance to meet the legend himself. He walks over and introduces himself to the doctor: “I’m Dean McCormick, the team’s Druid. I’ve read a lot of your work. Didn’t follow most of the physics stuff, but your research into the Arts fascinated me.”
  • talking to @Phoenic - @Phoenix looked up at the older gentleman and asked “So what are you in for?” - “In for?” Pinkicerebro responded but then seemed to catch on. “Oh, i’m afraid I’m the researcher who will be getting in the team’s way. Well, one of them”
  • @Phoenix wasn’t sure where to go from there, but luckily the doc’s brain adhered to Newton’s first law. He explained his Quantum Theories which boiled down to “The human race will not continue to move forward in Physics until they accept that magic was a part of the natural world.”
  • Knows about Victor's abilities

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