Bryn Tew

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Character Name (full name) - Bryn Tew
Alternate Names (aliases) - ?
Gender - Male
Birth Date - ?
Death Date - ?
Species - Human
First Appearance - Munroe Academy
Created by - Ceekayell
Abilities - Trainee mage. Increasingly skilled at manipulation of natural forces and communes with supernatural beings who inhabit natural environments.
Notes - ?

Character Biography

Bryn is a shy 17 year old who grew up in a small farming village about 5 miles from Betws y Coed. He came to the attention of the DAO after a meltdown at the Wylfa nuclear power station appeared to be averted by the intervention of a teenaged boy.

Bryn grew up in a world rich in Celtic magic. He is a gentle and sensitive soul with a strong spirituality and a love for the earth. His natural aptitude for earth magic has identified him as one of the worlds most promising mages, and he aspires to become the youngest druid member of the Gorsedd of Bards. Bryn has a poetic and musical soul, but science and technology are alien worlds to him. His first language is Welsh, but he speaks English fluently, albeit with a lilting North Walean accent.

For practitioners of Celtic magic, enchantments are everywhere. Bryn has talismans woven into the objects he carries around everywhere; his glasses, a tattoo of protection on his left shoulder, and a small engraved pebble from a stream that runs through the village where he grew up.

Bryn lives in a world of faeries, elves, pixies and gnomes. Human beings can confound and confuse him easily, but he's starting to understand his sexuality, and he's attracted to his best friend Jamie. It remains to be seen how this develops.

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