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character name
Character Name (full name) - Bianca Khurana
Alternate Names (aliases) - Manticore
Gender - Female
Birth Date - 10th May 1973
Death Date - ?
Species - Human / Manticore Chimera
First Appearance - DAO Season 1, Scene 1
Created by - Chris Lewis
Abilities - Metamorphosis between human & Manticore forms.
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Character Biography

Bianca Khurana is a 43 year old Indian-Amercian DAO agent. She is a Hindu. Until recently, she believed that she was descended from a long line of Manticore chimeras.

She knows that her father Tarlok moved the family to the US in the mid-‘80s when Bianca started to develop Manticore traits (the triple rows of sharp shark teeth were a dead giveaway). Tarlok had trained as a geneticist and got a job at the Department of Molecular & Cell Biology at Berkley University, where he developed a treatment for Bianca. This gave her more control over her Manticore side, (although she still needs to revert to her natural form for about six hours a day. Needing almost no sleep, she generally does this at night in a specially designed protective cell).

Only a few months after administering the treatment, Tarlok was shot dead by hunters in the Mt. Diablo State Park whilst prowling around, indulging his own feral Manticore aspect.

Bianca signed up to the DAO to try to understand the mythological side of her being. She was initially hired as a secretary, but - after another agent witnessed her transmogrification into a manticore (barely escaping with his life) - she was assigned to a frontline role as a field agent.

Bianca is one of the DAOs longest standing field officers, active for the best part of a decade, and is usually the first to volunteer for away missions. Bianca has confronted a number of threats including at least three Zombie outbreaks and has been posessed by the disembodied spirit of mad monk Rasputin. She has been injured by the seminal fluid of an alien centipede race and and has seen “Heaven” (and did not like what she saw). Recently she has taken some of the new recruits from the Monroe Acadamy under her wing - she is a hard task-mistress, demanding the same high standards of her trainees as she expects from herself. Her first mission in a leadership role was not as successful as she had hoped - whilst the mission objective was acheived, Agent Eric Jones was forever trapped in a time loop or chronic hysteresis. DAO scientists continue to work to free him, and the incident earned Bianca a dressing down from her commanding officer, General Davis.

She is the consummate professional, acting as unofficial archivist for the Department. She has a strong belief in following correct procedure, her work station is always impecably neat and ordered. Bianca’s mantra is “Control”: keeping a lid on the raw feral hunger of the Manticore is an act of constant, conscious effort, and she loathes the lack of control she has in her Manticore form.

One consequence of this is her human personality - in contrast to the brutish Manticore, Bianca is an aesthete, seeking out the highest pinnacle of human culture: opera, fine food & wine, high-brow literature, designer clothes. This can make her seem elitist & snobbish to her fellow agents. It has been Bianca’s way of aspiring to dispel the animalistic passions that run deep inside her. Another consequence is her habit of using a mantra to controlling the anger within, to cage the beast and best the savage will of the Manticore. “Om gahtha-krōdhâyæ namaha” is a Vedic mantra that she has learnt to control the fury of the beast. Her fear of losing control lies behind her decision to keep her relationships with colleagues somewhat distant. She has a tendancy to view the close fraternisation of he rcolleagues with some disdain, but she has a quiet fondness for working with Dr Elliot Bryant who seems to understand the conflicts of her duality.

Bianca’s beliefs about her nature have been challenged by a number of recent encounters when a number of very powerful beings have independently suggested that Bianca’s heritage might not be as straightforward as she had believed. So now there’s something else that’s driving her; firstly a need to better understand her family history and then to challenge her pre-existing beliefs about her Manticore aspect. In a further threat, the Government of India is attempting to extradite the Manticore back to the sub-continent to exploit the creature’s strength, durability and savagery as a kind of biological superweapon.

The Manticore

In her bestial form, Bianca has the body of a lion, a human head with three rows of sharp shark teeth, and the tail of a scorpion that can shoot poisonous spines to paralyse her victims. (The only known anti-toxin to Manticore venom is in the DAO infirmary) In battle, she can deploy a trumpet-like voice to sound the doom of her victims. The creature is a veritable powerhouse to the DAO - dangerous and near-invincible, but ravenous and difficult to control. Thanks to some clever genetic manipulation by her father, Bianca can spend most of her time as a human being, but needs to change back into the Manticore for at least six hours a day. The DAO have constructed a specially protected room for her to transmute in…

Family and Friends

Family: Father - Tarlok Khurana (deceased). Mother - Paternal Grandmother - Ajinder Khurana

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