Ara Brynjolf

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Character Biography



First Appearance

Monroe Academy Chapter 1 Scene 1 (PC)

Original Idea

Far too much study of mythical beings of the Norse.

Character Biography

Ara has always been chubby, but has never really cared, at least not enough to count calories. She has spent a lot of time in trees being the daughter of avid birders. She has always heard and talked to the birds, It was normal in her family and people just assumed that they spent so much time watching them that they learned to predict them. She was just the kooky daughter of a kooky couple.

The problem was, during The EVENT, her powers blossomed. Originally huldrefolken a being out of Northern European mythology, she devolved during the event to the point of growing a tail.

She is now fully huldre. She was discovered by the DAO when she met Agents Healy and Pickett in the woods behind Scarlett’s house.

She is a mathematical genius, she completed all mathematics coursework before her sophomore year.Being huldre she is drawn to human men and she has multiple crushes throughout the year.

Her tail resembles a cows and so is too long to tuck into clothes. She primarily wears skirts to cover it, at least she did until Agent Red Claw came to present at an assembly. She has now branched into some long pants with tail holes, but it’s a lot of work to rework mass market clothes and she can’t afford bespoke like Agent Red Claw can.

As far as school, Ara is actually pretty well rounded. She’s a mathematical genious and has always read at least two grade levels above her own, but she’s sporty enough, between varsity swimming and hobby softball.

Powers: weight disparency - like a slyph she can change her mass from very heavy to very light for short times. ethereal beauty - before she got glasses and tattoos she was shockingly beautiful. She can still drop a glamour on herself to push herself in one direction or another. animal friendship - she can hear and speak to all animals. Most will do small tasks for her.

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