Amy Healy

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Amity Healy
Character Name (full name) - Amity Healy
Alternate Names (aliases) - Amy, Kicks
Gender - F
Birth Date - presumably 1988
Death Date - N/A
Species - Baseline
First Appearance - Department of Abnormal Occurances chapter 1, Scene 1
Created by - mikitracey
Abilities - PA, Survivalist Training
Notes - ?

Character Biography



First Appearance

Department of Abnormal Occurrences (DAO) Chapter 1 Scene 1 (PC)

Original Idea

Loosely based on InCryptid series by Seanan McGuire

Character Biography

Amity "Amy" Healy started with the DAO as a research cryptozologist three years ago. Accidents plaugued her projects and after a drastic one, she filed to become a field agent less than a year ago. Amy is a certified physicians assistant and her knowledge of cryptid physiology makes her the preferred field medic for the team.

She comes, as she tells us, from a long line of cryptologists but little is known of her family that does not come from her. It's possible there are paper files somewhere about the Healy family but your editor is unaware of much in the way of digital files.

She attended University of Nevada at Lincoln on the East campus and received a bachelor's degree in Animal Science from 2005-2008 and received a Master's degree in biochemistry from the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor). She completed Physician Assistant Certification at the University of Oklahoma at Tulsa in the spring of 2012 at which point she was noticed by the DAO and recruited to the upstate New York site.

As to how DAO noticed her, that file is so heavily redacted it's mostly black.

Family and Friends


Kevin, Uncle -family record keeper

Annie, Cousin -likes to blow things up

Val, Cousin -dancer


Mystic - DAO Field Agent and Orang Pendak

Buffy - DAO Executive Assistant and Dragon Princess

Val K. - DAO Field Agent and Ritual Mage



Education, Career and Other Work

2008 BS Animal Science, University of Nebraska at Lincoln (East Campus)

2010 MS Biochemistry, University of Oklahoma at Tulsa

2012 PA-C Certified Physician Assistant, University of Oklahoma at Tulsa

Character Skills/Abilities

  • Stay off the grid
  • pick locks
  • excellent shot
  • field medic for humans and cryptids
  • some bomb disposal training
  • basically if you could conceivably learn it under the auspices of "survivalist" she can do it.


  • "Ebola"
  • "Seattle"
  • "Rod of Rasputin"
  • "Vault"
  • "Geneva"
  • Event
  • "Vampires"
  • "Odessa"


Additional information about the character

Writer Notes

Amy's life was far from normal. If you learned it out of school or by having your friends over, she hasn't learned it. She was not encouraged to remain in touch with her school friends. She was, however, encouraged to remain in touch with any cryptid's she encountered, therefore Amy feels more comfortable with cryptids than baselines.

She doesn't quite understand why people might be afraid of or uncomfortable around cryptids. Think Scout in "Go Set a Watchman."

She has been raised to believe that her word is law with respect to cryptids who are violent or who prey on baselines. Prior to the DAO and in some ways beside it, her family has been the go between for the hidden cryptid world and the mundane architecture. Now that cryptids are more visible in society, she is learning to allow the law to do it's magic, but may find herself relapsing.

She actually was scouted by the President for the DAO. Thus the heavily redacted presidential memo.

Current Storium Biography