Rumkin, Alexander

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Character Name (full name) - Alexander Rumkin
Alternate Names (aliases) -
Gender - male
Birth Date -
Death Date -
Species - human
First Appearance - Department of Abnormal Occurrences (DAO)
Created by - Jojo
Abilities -
Notes -

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Current Storium Biography

Alexander L. Rumkin - weapons specialist and sniper for hire. Bombs, guns, knives, swords, you name it, he’s probably bought, sold, trained and used it. For Alex, life was about waking up, exploring what it handed you and then giving a cheer if you made it through the day. He’d been through many a tight spot, cheated death hundreds of times, but it was the one time he didn’t, that changed his life.

He should have been buried six feet under, pushing up daisies. He had felt the pain of the bullets sear through him, the lurch in his stomach as he fell over the cliff, and the stab of shattered bones piercing through his skin as he hit the ground; a weapons deal gone wrong (damn those had been some mighty fine weapons, he’d been so looking forward to testing them out).

And yet, he’d not bit the big one; he was alive and kicking. Something had brought him back. He didn’t know who, or how, or even why. He’d woken up in the med lab of a place known as DAO. Had the nice DAO doctors explain to him they had managed to resuscitate him and repair the damage. But, there was a price. Of course there was, there always was a price. They had to a special technique to repair the damage. The technique required supplimental maintenance to keep his body funtioning. A lovely cocktail he now needed on a regular basis.

And of course DAO was the only place supplying said cocktail. So, he’d been given a simple choice: join DAO and do some good along the way, or refuse and let nature take its course. Lucky for the DAO, he was not that intent on checking out just yet, he really did want to do some good before he headed to those pearly gates.

Those sucker for a cliche would say he had been given a second chance for redemption. He’d tell them he just wanted to play in the sandbox a bit longer.