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  • Now, Nalani had never officially met Dr. Ochoa, but the doctor’s reputation preceded her. She was rumored to be revolutionary in the world of human/meta interaction.
  • KNows about Lincoln's work - A pleasure to meet you,” Doctor Ochoa said politely as she offered a hand for Nalani to shake. Then, turning back to Lincoln, she added almost maternally, “A shame that little girl of yours couldn’t come tonight. She’d certainly liven the place up.”
  • Dr. Ochoa’s chummy reputation with the metas was uncomfortable, but the DAO dealt with unnatural phenomena as a rule. Nalani didn’t fault her for studying metas in general. However, the doctor’s rhetoric was unapologetically aimed at normalizing the meta condition. It was reckless to suggest metas were automatically capable of normal human relationships. Metas were categorically “other,” and there was so much research still to be done… Nalani had no intention of letting a human face justify blanket trust, but not everyone would be as prudent if Dr. Ochoa got her way.
  • Lincoln mentions her work with Sage - “Are you alright? You did quite well with Dr. Ochoa, but again, I do read people for a living… What was that about?” he asked. “She’s been a good friend, I promise she’s no one to be feared. She oversees Sage’s situation, and by extension my capabilities as a foster parent.”

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