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Amity Healy
Character Name (full name) - Henrietta Harris
Alternate Names (aliases) - Penny, @Phoenix
Gender - F
Birth Date - October 21, 1999
Death Date - N/A
Species - Yes
First Appearance - DAO Vault 13
Created by - mikitracey
Abilities - Technomage (in denial), Part sidhe
Notes - ?

Character Biography



First Appearance

DAO Vault 13 Chapter 1 Scene 1 (PC)

Original Idea

Let's see, basically Chaos from Leverage, Felicity and Calculator from Arrow and an interesting series of romance books from Debora Geary.

Character Biography

Henrietta Harris, called Penny by her parents and co-workers, had a much MUCH bigger secret. She’s known on the dark web as @Phoenix. After six years of serious but generally careful hacking, her reckless nature got her caught.

Somebody posted a challenge on a long established hacker forum. Hack the NSA. Get the Black File.

So she did. It took a weird combination of Social Engineering, crawling through ventilation shafts, and the smallest trojan in the world, but she got the file. But the thing you need to know about the NSA is that they have the best computer security team significant money can buy. And they caught her.

She was sentenced to 99 years for it. But she caught the eye of the DAO. Because who knows best how to design an unhackable system? Why a hacker. Specifically one who doesn’t want to spend the rest of her life in jail with the rich scumbags she used to both hack and blackmail.

She was confused when her independent transport van didn’t pick up any other prisoners. She was really confused when she realized they were on roads that wouldn’t get ANYWHERE near Connecticut. She was exceptionally confused when the black suited goons escorted her to a room that contained a table, a one way mirror, a mound of paper, a pen and a blond chick with a leg brace and a 2 liter bottle of Mountain Dew.

Family and Friends



Education, Career and Other Work

GED - She had not yet completed her high school coursework when she was arrested for hacking the NSA. Before her arraignment, she had passed the GED exam even though she had been an unexception student before then.

Character Skills/Abilities

  • Hacking
  • Computer Games



Additional information about the character

Writer Notes

As she states in act 1 of Vault 13, her Grandfather was a "Fairy" in fact, a Sidhe Lord from an oddly Brigadoon like island in the ocean between Newport and Jamestown RI. Provided Brigadoon appeared on a slightly more mathematically complex schedule than 'every 75 years'.

She doesn't have the best social skills and uses slang that marks her as far younger than she looks. In point of fact, though she was tried as an adult, she is not quite 18 at the beginning of Vault 13.

Current Storium Biography